Description of on-line coating float glass: using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coating process, the silicon raw material is introduced into the surface of high temperature glass in the form of gas for pyrolysis to form a layer of silicon film.

1. Excellent light transmittance and solar control performance;

2. Excellent chemical stability, acid resistance and alkali resistance;

3. Excellent wear resistance;

4. High color uniformity, soft and elegant color;

5. High temperature chemical film, toughening, hot bending and other processing properties.

Specification type: 
1. Color: Clear Reflective, French Green, Dark Green, Ford blue, Dark Blue, Crystal Blue,Lanxin Gray, Euro Gray, Euro Bronze, Golden Bronze, Dark Gray, Black, etc.

2. Thickness: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.

3. Visible L ight Transmittance: 18%,20%,25%,28%,30%,33%,40%,45%,50%,55%,60%.

4. Specification: 3660 x 2440/3660 x 2140/3300 x 2440/3300 x 2140/2440 x 1830.

Statement: Customized size glass could be supplied as per customer' S specifications.

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