Original sheet glass

Float tinted glass, also known as heat absorbing glass, is a colored glass made by adding a certain amount of heat absorbing colorant into the raw material of float glass

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Original sheet glass

The float tinted glass can absorb a large amount of solar infrared heat radiation and some ultraviolet rays, reduce the intensity of solar radiation, and maintain a certain visible light transmittance, which can play the role of shading, heat insulation, anti glare, lighting and decoration, and produce a "cold room effect" to achieve the effect of heat shielding and energy saving. It can soften the sunlight passing through, avoid glare, and effectively prevent the fading and deterioration of indoor articles caused by sunlight. The bright color and luster can increase the appearance of the building.


Float tinted glass is applicable to all kinds of doors and windows, curtain walls, automobiles, ships, furniture, decoration and other fields. It can also be used as an excellent substrate for coated glass.


The production of Lanxin color glass has a long history and has a unique formula and production process. The color is bright and beautiful, and the technical indicators are stable. In order to ensure the stability of product quality, it is equipped with industry advanced online defect detection equipment (Isra, Germany, Shanghai Gaozhun), online multi-channel visible light transmittance monitoring system (Beijing Aobotai), spectral reflectance colorimeter (Leibao, Beijing Aobotai), and glass testing laboratory.


Color: silver white, "F" green, Dark green, Lake blue, Dark blue, crystal blue, black glass, Red Bronze, Euro grey, Lanxin grey, dark grey, etc.


Size:3660×2440  3660×2140  3300×2440  3300×2140  2440×1650  2440×1830  1650×2140

Statement:  Specific thickness and size can be produced by Lanxin Glass